My background in film began a long-term passion for storytelling that has evolved into a unique ability to help brands reach audiences. I take an existing strategy and messaging, mix in a good dose of self-distance, add a dash of humor, and a taste for great art direction. I believe my strength lies in maximizing limited budgets with creative magic, and working with equally ambitious creative teams.

When I was young, I made skate videos using my dad’s two VHS video-trailing cameras looped together and cut with odd found footage. I wrote and directed homespun zombie movies with bad Italian accents. I have always had an eye for supporting the underdog, celebrating offbeat characters and sharing human stories that show us how we are all made up of the same matter. I studied filmmaking at Florida State University’s Film School where I began making short films, commercials and music promo videos and working on indie feature films. I learned the ropes, from writing and producing to directing and editing. Used to working with low to no budgets, I often designed and built the props and sets myself, exploring how to create intriguing analogue visual effects in camera.

All this early experience has enabled me to be a trans-disciplinary asset for agencies and production companies, working on all aspects of concept development and implementation of concept development and implementation for some of the world’s most loved brands.


My background in screenwriting helps me think about brand narratives over time, whether the story is for a 3-minute commercial, a 20 minute keynote presentation or a year long integrated media campaign concept. My work experience includes Electrolux, Pepsi, Nokia, and Verizon, to name but a few. 

As a Brand Dramaturgist, There are areas I concentrate in:

Film Direction: I have directed commercials, music videos and narrative films over the past 12 years. Within film direction, I have also experience in - producing, editing, art direction and film consultancy. 

Film & TV Development and Producing: I have been producing and developing for film and tv for just over five years. 

Script & Story: Over the past 10 years, I have written screenplays for commercials, short films, feature films and TV-pilot writing as well as consultancy in story, script and development. I have acted as a script and concept ‘doctor’ within TV, Narrative and program development.

Creative Direction: I coined the term: ‘Brand Dramaturgist’ to appropriate my skills over the past 8 years in concept development, strategy, narrative within communications, ideation and experience & service design.