A new year...


This is my new website with new work and a fresh start. I wrote this to explain my vision for this new year - 2016 

2016, you seem so real...

2016 seems to be a year where much can happen. We are stuck in between a digital world where many marketers have forgotten the importance of the physical space. I truly believe in the power of 'IRL' as well as the virtual. We must remember that physical-touch memory is just as powerful, if not more, than visual/aural. Who knows, maybe 2017 smells and tastes and in the future, the sixth sense. Emotion and story moves us humans the most - but how to convey and which medium to pick is imperative. Everyone seems to want more and more content, but many rely more on analytics than the emotive. It doesn't cost much to create - so I hope that in 2016 companies, brands and business leaders will see and understand this. 

With the sad, recent departure of one of the most fabulous creators, David Bowie, I have learned to not be afraid, to test the waters at all costs, to bend society's image of what's right and real and to not just think outside the box, but to tap into that otherworldly dimension - uncomfortably unfamiliar.  

2016 - you seem so real, yet untamed. 

-xoxo, Phil from the near future.