I've worked as a consultant for story and script for the past five years. Mainly focusing on adaptations from Scandinavian scripts to US American. Please contact me for more info and examples. 


I'm Currently working on various TV Pilots as well as two short films and a feature script. For all inquiries please contact me at

Short description of a selection of projects:


  • Furuvik: Furuvik follows the love tale of a girl and a ghost from a sunken ship (M/S Estonia 1994) -The series involves a group of lost souls from a sunken ship, covens (so-called ‘contingents’) of good and evil witches, a poltergeist that lives underwater, a group of ragtag black-metal nerds and everything revolves around the young couple in love.


  • The New Age: ‘The New Age’  is a comedy about a collective of ‘holier-than-thou’ greenies (vegans, freegans, sustainable nuts, yoga buffs and New Agers) who turn to scamming in order to support their wholesome lifestyles. Brandon, a hippie-hating, meat-eating hacker, is drawn into their crime ring and reluctantly becomes it’s leader. Almost like a ‘Life of Brian’.


  • Big Time: A dark and comedic look at the rise and fall of the dot-com bubble in the 1990s in Stockholm. Two companies go head to head in the race - one comes out of the bubble the other in defeat and injury


  • Wife: A professional dance troupe has to teach wannabe suburbanites in order to stay afloat.  


  • Boomers: What if your most personal, life secret was exposed to the entire nation? How would you tell your children? And what if you became the reluctant spokesperson for a new sexual revolution? These are questions we’ll probably never ask ourselves. However, for comfortably retired Janey and Fred Dekker of ParkPalisades, California, these are all very relevant questions.


For all others, please send an email.